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Modul 9358

Spezielles Leisure, Culture & Event Management
Special Leisure, Culture & Event Management

Studiengang Bachelor Betriebswirtschaft. Bachelor Triales Modell Betriebswirtschaft. Bachelor International Tourism Management.
ModulbezeichnungSpezielles Leisure, Culture & Event Management
Semester 6    
ModulverantwortlicherProf. Dr. Anja Wollesen
DozentProfessor Dr. Ulrich Reinhardt
Zuordnung zum CCSP Leisure, Culture & Event Management (BWL) / Spring-Programme
Lehrform / SWS4 SWS
Expected hours:
•    Six times in class (180 Minutes each)
•    Three times outside of class (whole day)
   Präsenzstudium60 Std.
   Eigenstudium150 Std.
Lernziele / Kompetenzenprofessional competence
-    ability to independently gather information, comprehending and reproducing its contents in your own words
-    ability to distinguish between different viewpoints and thoroughly recognizing differences between them
-    ability to evaluate learnt knowledge and presenting acquired inferences

Personal and social competences
-    ability to responsibly learn within a lesser known research field
-    ability to actively work within a group and structuring its learning environment
-    ability to assess own behaviour and those of others in order to give/receive constructive criticisms and comments
-    Opening the mind for different views and habits

InhaltTravel, leisure and consumption habits
Within this seminar we will focus on how Germans and Americans spent their leisure time. Where are differences and similarities? What are the reasons and what future developments can be expected?
Apart from the regular class schedule, two field visits will be part of the seminar. We will go to a brand or amusement park, a shopping center and a tourist attraction.

PrüfungsleistungEach student will be responsible for an individual part during the semester (e.g. presentation about a topic). Furthermore, discussions about the reasons and future outlooks are also part of the seminar in which I expect everyone to actively contribute to. At the end of the semester each one will turn in a paper with a certain topic.
LiteraturWill be presented in class
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