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Modul 9685

Strategic management in tourism
Strategic management in tourism

Studiengang Master International Tourism Management.
ModulbezeichnungStrategic management in tourism
Semester 1    
ModulverantwortlicherProf. Dr. Bernd Eisenstein
DozentDipl.-Kfm. Werner Kiehn
Zuordnung zum CCCompulsory lecture course
Lehrform / SWSLecture, seminar-like lessons, literature course
4 hours per week (SWS)

   Präsenzstudium60 Std.
   Eigenstudium120 Std.
Lernziele / KompetenzenThe students acquire the competence to adequately analyse based on the situation and to evaluate circumstances in the tourism industry in addition to independently developing business strategies based on this.
The students acquire skills to analyse the job related problems of strategic management in tourism based on theoretical approaches and their aspects in detail, to realise their respective relevance for professional practice and to work out instruments for strategy development and implementation. In addition to that it is important to become acquainted with the relevant literature including critical contemplation, identification of the central problems of strategic management and the transfer of solution possibilities from selected problems.
Furthermore, the students will become acquainted with suitable instruments for analysing and evaluating business relevant framework conditions of the tourism industry and for securely developing business strategies. In addition:
Getting to know and use instruments and methods to develop and lead touristic brands.
In the area of social and self-competence they will learn communication, teamwork, presentation skills, moderation, improving their discourse ability; acquisition and improvement of working techniques.

InhaltThe lecture focuses on the strategic planning processes in touristic companies. Elements of this process are target planning, situation analysis which relates to domestic and external conditions together with company related planning, management and supervision of the company’s development and its determining sections. Best practice examples and latest developments/ touristic major projects (e.g. London 2012, Dubai, Antarctic tourism, transnational collaboration, cooperation) will be explained here. Another focus is on the strategic orientation of touristic companies and destinations in terms of sustainability and reliable implementation of the entire business management (green washing, green tourism, sustainable tourism). The lecturer will refer to world heritage sites (culture and nature) and as a direct example the Wadden Sea as a natural site will be discussed. The lecture encompasses the following subject areas in particular:
- Strategic management processes
- Development of corporate strategies
- Development of competitive strategies, including cooperation/ strategic networks
- Strategic positioning of regions/ transnational collaboration
- Domestic and external analysis of the company, core competences
- Sustainability as a reliable strategic orientation
- Strategy implementation and documentation
- Methods and success monitoring

PrüfungsleistungWritten exam
MedienformenLecture, data projector, blackboard, literature
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