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Modul 9699

Sustainable Tourism
Sustainable Tourism

Studiengang Master International Tourism Management.
ModulbezeichnungSustainable Tourism
Semester 3    
ModulverantwortlicherProf. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt
DozentProf. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt
Zuordnung zum CCElective subject
Lehrform / SWSSeminar
2 hours per week (SWS)

   Präsenzstudium30 Std.
   Eigenstudium150 Std.
Lernziele / KompetenzenThe learning target is that the students can analyse the effects of tourism according to the theoretical grounding of the sustainability topic and the course will also impart methodical management competences which contribute to sustainable development and the regulation of the (international) tourism. The critical and analytical examination of tourism will enable the students to question current methods and to constructively work with them.
InhaltThis module covers the conditions and organisation possibilities of sustainable tourism. Sustainability, in general, is associated with three pillars: the economic, the ecological and the social pillar. The aim of sustainable tourism is to avoid negative effects along these pillars and to ensure future prospects for present and coming generations. The thematic focus is on questions which for example affect the use of resources, climate change and biodiversity, but also deal with questions of distribution, participation and economical profitability. Institutional sustainability is deemed increasingly important which gives indication of the political and legal framework conditions. International and national agreements are important in the extension of sustainable tourism and they are also part of the studies. It is socially relevant in what way the principles of efficiency are sufficient in dealing with limited resources or if sufficiency as a structural principle should get more attention. Beside this, theoretical questions will be dealt with and the chances of certificates will be discussed.
PrüfungsleistungPresentation / seminar-paper
LiteraturMowforth, Martin; Munt, Ian: Tourism and Sustainability – Development, globalisation and new tourism in the Third World. Third Edition, New York 2009.
Gössling, Stefan; Hall C. Michael; Weaver, David B.: Sustainable Tourism Futures – Perspectives of Systems, Restructuring and Innovations. New York 2009.
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