Vitali Czymmek

Fachbereich Technik

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Gebäude: 1.2, Raum: 0.018

Fritz-Thiedemann-Ring 20
25746 Heide


Vitali Czymmek received the M.Sc., degree from the West Coast University of Applied Science, Heide, Germany, in 2017.

He joined the project „High-Precision Weed Recognition“ as a working
student in 2015. He now works as a research associate on the follow-up project "
Area-oriented selective sensor-actuator system for autonomous mechanical weed control "

His main areas of research interest are digital imaging processing, industrial automation solutions, and their control systems.


Selected Publications of the last 2 years

Books / books chapters:

  1. Knoll, F., Czymmek, V., “The German vision of industry 4.0 applied in organic farming”, Book “High-Tech Automation in Agriculture – Securing Food Supplies for Future Generations”, I-Tech Education and Publishing, excepted for publication, Feb. 2018

Journal Articles

  1.  Knoll, F., Czymmek, V., S. Hußmann “Architecture for a realtime calculation of a convolution neural network in organic farming”, IEEE Trans. On Instrumentation and Measurement, to be submitted in 2018
  2. Knoll, F, Poczihoski, S., Czymmek, V. Holtorf, T. Hußmann, S., "Vision Based Measurement System for organic farming applications using Deep Learning", IEEE Trans. on Instrumentation and Measurement, submitted for publication, 2017

Conference Articles

  1. Knoll, F., Grelcke, M., Czymmek, V., Holtorf, T. and Hußmann, S.,"CPU architecture for a fast and energy-saving calculation of convolution neural networks", Proc. SPIE Vol.10335/Proc. SPIE 10334,Digital Optical Technologies 2017/Automated Visual Inspection and Machine Vision II, 2017, 103351M/103340P.


Research Interests

My research interest include Deep Learning, Machine Vision applications, industrial automation solutions and their control systems.

Major Projects (FHW)

Project Title:Sensor-Actuator system for Precision-Bio-Weed-Regulation maximising the ground coverage
Funding Source/Agency:Land Schleswig Holstein, Struktur- und Exzellenzbudget (Germany)
Research Budget:260 k€
Period of funding:2018-2019
Project Title:Precision-Bio-Weed-Detection
Funding Source/Agency:Land Schleswig Holstein, Exzellenz- und Strukturbudget für "die Stär-
kung der Forschung an Fachhochschulen,
Förderung von Forschungsprojekten" (Germany)
Research Budget:260 k€
Period of funding:2013-2017
Project Title:Large equipment grant for the project Precision-Bio-Weed-Detection
Funding Source/Agency:Land Schleswig Holstein, Struktur- und Exzellenzbudget (Germany)
Research Budget:364 k€
Period of funding: 2014-2015