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Modul 9614

English for Business Psychology I
English for Business Psychology I

Studiengang Bachelor Wirtschaftspsychologie.
ModulbezeichnungEnglish for Business Psychology I
Semester 3    
ModulverantwortlicherMs Ciara Colgan
DozentColgan / Petersen / Stover / Fiedler / Carolan
Zuordnung zum CCPflichtmodul
Lehrform / SWS4 SWS Vorlesung / Übung
   Präsenzstudium60 Std.
   Eigenstudium90 Std.
VoraussetzungenLevel B1 of CEFER (equivalent to English after Realschule graduation)
Regular attendance is expected. For more information refer to

Lernziele / KompetenzenAs well as refreshing Business English material to increase vocabulary and communication skills in this field, the course will focus on topics such as Human Resources, company structure and organization. On completion of studies, students will reach the B2 level.
InhaltPossible topics include: company structure, new trends and strategies in marketing and advertising, change management, the role of business ethics today, developments in human resources, the importance of cultural awareness as well as current business issues and business correspondence
MedienformenUse of various media
LiteraturTextbook: Market Leader Intermediate 3rd edition (can be purchased in the AStA office)
ISBN: 978-1-4082-3695-6
As well as an English/English or English/German German/English dictionary.

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