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Modul 9684

Brückenkurs Tourismusmanagement
Upgrading course tourism management

Studiengang Master International Tourism Management.
ModulbezeichnungBrückenkurs Tourismusmanagement
Semester 1    
ModulverantwortlicherProf. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt
DozentProf. Dr. Wolfgang Arlt
Zuordnung zum CCRemedial course
Lehrform / SWS

Lecture, seminar-like lessons
2 hours per week (SWS)

   Präsenzstudium30 Std.
   Eigenstudium45 Std.
Lernziele / KompetenzenImparting of general scientific basic tourism knowledge; demonstration of connections to the other contents of economics studies.
Acquisition of basic specialist knowledge – knowing and understanding – with regard to different areas of the touristic system including its organization and service providers as well as the supply and demand structures. Detailed knowledge for the designing of different processes in production, distribution and the usage of tourism services.
Acquisition of competences to analyse the tourism industry and its service providers as well as its actors.
Ability to think flexibly and interconnectedly, willingness to classify and identify subjects that are above previous specific limits, self-learning.
InhaltStudents which do not have a tourism related Bachelor degree have to attend this course (Preparatory Course) simultaneously with their first term Master studies.
Primarily, the following subjects will be dealt with:
1. Patterns of touristic demand
- Touristic systems
- Market models
- Decision models and tourism types, reasons for demand
- Structure of international touristic demands
2. Components of the tourism industry
- Influencing factors in the supply
- Key performance of touristic production
- Touristic service providers and institutions
PrüfungsleistungWritten exam
MedienformenLecture, data projector, blackboard, literature
LiteraturBerghoff, H. et al. (Hrsg.): The Making of Modern Tourism. The Cultural History of the British Experience 1600 – 2000, Basingstoke / New York 2002.
Bieger, Th.: Tourismuslehre: Ein Grundriss, 2., überarb. Aufl., Bern 2006.
Burmeister, H.-P. (Hrsg.): Auf dem Weg zu einer Theorie des Tourismus, Loccum 1998.
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Kotler, Ph. et al.: Marketing for Hospitality and Tourism, 2. Aufl., Upper Saddle River, NJ et al. 1998.
MacCannell, D.: The Tourist. A New Theory of the Leisure Class, New York 1999.
Meethan, K.: Tourism in Global Society. Place, Culture, Consumption, Basingstoke / New York 2001.
Mill, R. C. / Morrison, A. M.: The Tourism System. An Introductory Text, 2. Aufl., Englewood Cliffs 2002.
Müller, H.: Freizeit und Tourismus: eine Einführung in Theorie und Politik, Bern 1986.
Steinbach, J.: Tourismus. Einführung in das räumlich-zeitliche System, München / Wien 2003.
Wöhler, Kh.: Marktorientiertes Tourismusmanagement, Berlin et al. 1997.
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