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Modul 9694

International Planning and Governance
International Planning and Governance

Studiengang Master International Tourism Management.
ModulbezeichnungInternational Planning and Governance
Semester 2    
ModulverantwortlicherProf. Dr. Anja Wollesen
DozentM.A. / MBA Sonja Göttel
SpracheDeutsch Englisch
Zuordnung zum CCcompulsory optional subject: culture studies
Lehrform / SWSseminar ; 2 SWS
   Präsenzstudium30 Std.
   Eigenstudium150 Std.
Lernziele / KompetenzenThe course enables the students to understand international planning processes and forms of international governance of tourism including underlying theories and inter-organizational relations.
The students will gain competences for the critical analysis and reflection of actual und future developments in tourism and planning and development strategies in companies and organizations. This embeds the knowledge of relevant literature, including critical reflection, identification of central issues and the transfer of possible solution for selected problems. Through discussion of instruments and planning approaches the students will be enabled to develop own strategic measurements in planning and governance.
In addition to subject-specific knowledge, this course aims to develop the students’ competences in teamwork, critical thinking, analytical proficiency, and discussion and presentation skills.

InhaltThe course comprises an analysis of different international planning and governance theories, approaches, measurements and instruments. It critically reflects on the role of multi-level governmental policy organizations and others actors in the development of international tourism and tourism strategies. Planning and governance strategies will be analyzed with regard to their economic, environmental and socio-cultural impacts as well as to consequences of possible planning failures. The course will cover the following main topics:
•    Tourism trends and forecasting
•    International planning processes
•    Forms of international governance of tourism
•    Tourism planning and policy measurements and instruments
•    Impacts and benefits of tourism planning and governance
•    Consequences of tourism planning failures

The lectures will be supported by critical analysis of selected case studies and research papers, group work and group discussions.

PrüfungsleistungPresentation / research paper
Medienformenbeamer, blackboard, overhead, lectures, literature reading
LiteraturDwyer, L., Forsyth, P., Dwyer, W. (2010) Tourism Economics and Policy. Channel View. Bristol.

Edgell, Sr. D.L., Allen, M.D., Smith, G., Swanson, J.R. (2008) Tourism Policy and Planning. Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow. Elsevier. Oxford.

Hall, C.M. (2008) Tourism Planning. Policies, Processes and Relationships. 2. ed. Pearson. Harlow.

Hall, C.M. (2005) Tourism. Rethinking the Social Science of Mobility. Pearson. Harlow.

Laws, E., Richings, R., Agrusa, J., Scott, N. (2011) Tourist Destination Governance. Practice, Theory and Issues. CABI. Wallingford.

Additional literature will be announced during class.

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