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Modul 9698


Studiengang Master International Tourism Management.
Semester 3    
ModulverantwortlicherProf. Dr. Eric Horster
DozentProf. Dr. Eric Horster
Zuordnung zum CCcompulsory elective subject
Lehrform / SWSseminar; 2 SWS
   Präsenzstudium30 Std.
   Eigenstudium150 Std.
Lernziele / KompetenzenAppropriation and reproduction of specific subjects; ability to narrow down topics individually is required; competence to focus on main points and illustrate their significance with the help of practical examples; improvement of presentation skills; classification, critical reflection, and evaluation of the conveyed content through a written assignment.
Inhalt•    Basics of eBusiness and characteristics of the internet. Depending on the students level of knowledge the lecturer is going to select challenges and developments from one or various sections: search engine marketing, usability and user experience, social media marketing and digital reputation management, mobile marketing, location based services and m-commerce; additional topics may be announced within the lecture. 
StudienleistungAn active group work participation is expected; a critical confrontation and reflection of the lecture content is required .
PrüfungsleistungPresentation has to be held. Also a written assignment of a specified field has to be handed in.
MedienformenProjector / video / blackboard / hand-out
LiteraturAmersdorffer et al. (Hg.): Social Web im Tourismus; Anderson (2008): The Long Tail; Egger (2005): Grundlagen des eTourismus; Kollmann (2007): Online-Marketing; Schwarz (2007): Leitfaden Online Marketing; Weinberger (2008): Everything is Miscellaneous; Additional literature will be announced within the lecture. 
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