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Curriculum Vitae


Dipl.-Ing. in Electrical Engineering (microwave engineering), Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Dissertation: "Optical rotation sensing using a fiber optic ring resonator"; University of Bochum, Germany

Career Details

1982 - 1987
Research assistant at Ruhr University of Bochum, Germany, working on fiber optic rotation sensors

1987 - 1995
R&D engineer at Siemens Central Research Laboratories, Munich, performing research on broadband optical transmission and switching systems, using both heterodyne and high speed (40 Gbit/s) direct detection techniques. The work was performed mostly within the framework of the European RACE and ACTS programs.

Since 1995
Full time professor for microwave engineering at the University of Applied Sciences Westkueste (FHW) in Heide, Germany

October 1999 - February 2000
Sabattical at Infineon Technologies AG in Berlin, working on high speed parallel optical links and low cost packaging solutions for high speed optical components

June 2001
Co-founder of ix-cad GmbH (
ix-cad is a spin-off company founded by members of the FHW. A team of professional RF design engineers with over 30 years of experience in optical and wireless communications offers 3D FEM electromagnetic modelling, high speed circuit design, PCB layout, components and high level system modelling. ix-cad uses the latest CAD tools to analyze high speed designs in order to increase the likelihood of first pass success
The work on a low cost TO package suitable for packaging of optoelectronic components at 10 Gbit/s was awarded with the EEEfCOM innovation award in 2003.
Alfred Ebberg has authored and co-authored over 40 journal and conference papers and holds 10 patents.


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Research Projects

  • RF characterisation and modelling of surface mount resistors and MELF inductors
  • Low cost TO package suitable for packaging of optoelectronic components at 10 Gbit/s
  • 3D FEM Modelling of RF filters on silicon substrate
  • No cost antennas for RFID tags (mainly funded by Innovationsstiftung Schleswig-Holstein

Further Information

Research Interests

  • Components and high level system modelling for high speed and wireless communication systems
  • 3 D electromagnetic modelling using FEM
  • High speed electronic circuit design
  • High speed interconnects
  • Low cost packaging of electronic and optoelectronic components with high bandwidth